PierTech’s Push Pier System: A Long-lasting, Cost-Effective Solution for Foundation Underpinning

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Many older homes are considered beautiful because of their character. It’s not unusual to see a house built in the early-to-mid 1900s with ceiling medallions, Dutch doors, crown molding, leaded glass windows and natural wood built-ins.


Owning a house with these kinds of features can be expensive. Electrical and plumbing might have to be updated to code. Hardwood floors may need a thorough sanding and staining to match throughout the layout.


Unfortunately, a house built a hundred years ago may also have structural foundation issues. Even people who own a house constructed in the past few decades encounter this problem.


There are multiple signs that indicate a foundation may need to be repaired. Inside of the house, there may be cracks in the walls, ceilings or columns; uneven, sunken, sloping or cracked floors; or water damage. On the structure’s exterior, indications include standing water due to poor water drainage, cracks around the base of the structure or around doors and windows or a leaning chimney.


A Solution for Various Structures


Fortunately, push piers are a permanent foundation solution for not only residential structures but also commercial and industrial buildings. These high-strength piers can be quickly and easily installed through unstable soil into load-bearing strata without the need for concrete. Not only is there minimal soil disruption, there’s also little disturbance to surrounding landscaping. Furthermore, push piers are able to be installed with lightweight, portable equipment when clearance issues prevent heavy-duty equipment from being used. Consequently, they are great for basement or crawl space foundation repair.


The PierTech Push Pier Process


This installation process begins by first excavating out to expose the structure’s footing. The footing is then notched about every five feet around the section of the structure that is settling.  At each location, a Tru-Lift underpinning bracket is anchored underneath the footing. Tubular steel push pier sections are then driven hydraulically into the ground next to the structure (using the weight of the building) until stable soil is reached. In addition to stabilizing a structure from further settlement, often times the foundation can then be lifted back to its original position.


Perks of the PierTech Push Pier System


There are many advantages to the PierTech Push Pier System. For homeowners, a foundation repaired with PierTech push pier system is a cost-effective, low impact, speedy and long-lasting solution that doesn’t require any maintenance.


Contractors, especially those with small foundation repair companies, benefit from a fairly low-cost equipment investment. Witha product that is less expensive per foot than others, they typically win more jobs; the investment in a push pier equipment package is less than $15,000. Plus, they don’t have to purchase any heavy equipment to complete foundation repairs.


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