Installation Equipment

PierTech Systems is uniquely suited to help you identify, purchase, and learn how to operate equipment used to install helical piers. We manufacture and sell a wide variety of equipment solely for the purpose of pier installation. This means we have the expertise to put together your equipment package. Stop guessing at what you need by reading spec sheets and call PierTech for expert help.

We carry a full line up of equipment so you can get the job done. Including:

    • Drive Heads
    • Drive Tools
    • Tools
    • Specialty Connections for Helical Pier Installation
    • Torque Monitoring Equipment
    • Augers

1. Drive Tool
2. Hitch Pins ¾” x 6 ½” (Not provided unless specified)
3. Hex Adapter
4. Drive Head Hydraulic Connection
a. 7k
b. 12k
5. Torque Pin

6. 45mm Pin
7. Link Arm
8. Telescopic Skid Steer Attachment
9. In-Line Relief w/ Gauges
a. Digital Torque Monitor
10. In-Line Relief Hydraulic Connection
11. Hydraulic Hose (Not provided unless specified)


PierTech offers a wide range of drive heads starting at our handheld models offering 1,000 ft/lbs, to our heavy duty commercial line offering 375,000 ft/lbs. PierTech’s patented hydraulic technology allows us to put a warranty on our drive heads longer than any other company in the industry. We offer a 5-year warranty on gear boxes.


Our attachments are designed to work with a variety of equipment to help you complete your project. From skid steer attachments that connect to 1,000-12,000 lb drive heads, to heavy duty attachments that connect to 30,000 lb drive heads. PierTech also offers low clearance connections, limited access equipment, drive tools, and Kelly bar adapters.


PierTech offers three options for torque monitoring. The base model, that we would suggest getting with any machine mounted equipment, would be our In-Line Pressure Relief. The product uses gauges to monitor pressure, which is then converted to torque. A relief valve is also used to set pressure to relive at specified values.

Our next product is the Digital Pressure Monitor. The pressure is used to give you a digital readout and does the equation to transfer from pressure to torque real-time. The monitor will also give you the ability to mark pile locations, depths, and numbers.

Our top of the line torque monitoring systems is our Torque Pin. This uses the torque applied to the pile and gives you an actual torque reading. Engineers and customers will find this as the way to go for verification of loading on your piles. Another great feature of the pin is a built-in inclinometer, which will give you the level of the pile within 3 degrees. This removes guess work from keeping the pile plumb, and eliminates the need for a member of the crew. The torque pin comes with a 4” or 8” digital touch screen display for easy viewing and data entry. There is also a port to download job information and torque readings real time with a thumb drive. This allows the ability to get the information to an engineer or inspector on site without needing a something to download and process the information.


Our augers attach to PierTech drive heads and allow you to bore holes in various soil types.

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