When we began installing helical piers in and around Montana, we were looking for a product that was highly engineered and reliable yet at the same time cost-effective. PierTech’s product is all of those things. We have used other brackets on the market and PierTech’s patented Tru Lift brackets are unparalleled in the industry. Lifting and stabilizing homes in the Billings area presents varying challenges but the team at PierTech is readily available for consult when necessary. PierTech guarantees their product and Helix guarantees our work.

Marcus V.Certified PierTech Installer - Montana

After Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey Shore, we found ourselves in need of well engineered, reliable and cost effective products to help homeowners rebuild. PierTech’s dedication and one on one service has not only helped us become certified helical pile installers, but it has allowed us to help New Jersey residents move back into their homes. PierTech’s unmatched customer service, high quality products and impressive warranty are what make them industry leaders, and we are thrilled to continue our relationship well into the future.

Shawn Y.Certified PierTech Installer - New Jersey

Within the past year, our company saw an increased demand for installations of smaller diameter helical piers in the area, after what has become known, in this part of the country, as “Super Storm Sandy,” destroyed homes and businesses alike, as well as their foundations.

To help fulfill our communities need, we immediately set out to locate a helical pier manufacturing company who could both assist us in setting up one of our smaller pieces of equipment with a hydraulic driver and also provide us with quality engineered helical piers and accessories at a competitive price. We were also interested in locating a manufacturer that stocks an inventory so that we might not have to wait on material for future projects.

We researched the market extensively and PierTech Systems stood out above the rest. They stock a full line of piers, anchors, equipment and accessories that are ready to ship. With help from a more than experienced Nick Pieber, we found that they carried a 12k driver package. After several no pressure conversations with him about our expectations, with all of our questions being answered and us answering his, we were sure that this driver was just what we were looking for. It was ordered and ready to ship almost immediately.

From the very beginning of our relationship with PierTech Systems, we knew that we weren’t dealing with just another company. Not only does PierTech Systems offer a full line of superior products and equipment backed by the longest warranty in the industry. They also offer friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff. Along with with PierTech Systems products comes a pulse, something which, in today’s business world, is a rare commodity.

Michael C.Certified PierTech Installer - New York

PierTech Systems provided me with support on multiple sites. I have used their piering systems for multiple jobs. We work on pipelines, and they provide quick turnaround even on custom piles. PierTech was there the whole time and even provided me with top of the line engineering support. Thank you PierTech, we look forward to continuing business with you.

Robert T.Certified PierTech Installer - Pennsylvania

Helical Piers Install

Helical Piers Install

Helical Piers Install