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Technical Drawings

Tru-Lift Bracket

Unlike most foundation repair brackets, PierTech’s Patented Tru-Lift Bracket is lightweight, easy to install, and is movement free. This saves you time and money especially on larger projects. It is patented to draw into the foundation, providing a secure and stable platform that will not move or rotate. The Tru-Lift Bracket is made from the highest quality steel, and is designed to last for years even under the most strenuous working conditions. Installation requires 5 simple steps:

     1. Install helical pier and cut at the proper height

     2. Set bracket and position to place bracket seat under footing

     3. Install insert slider block and threaded rods

     4. Place lifting jack/block in position and apply load

     5. Complete by cutting the threaded rods at the appropriate height


Cross-Bolt Connector

Unlike typical single bolt or double bolt inline connections, PierTech Systems’ patented cross bolt technology eliminates movement and deflection in the pile for unprecedented rigidity. By using a multi-bolt connection in both planes our cross-bolt delivers greater strength than others in the market.


  • Decreases soil disturbance during Installation
  • Increases load capacity potential
  • Post installation, it decreases the Potential for lateral movement and deflection

Other Brackets and Connections

Besides our most popular Tru-Lift Bracket and cross-bolt connection. We manufacture several other types of brackets and connections.

  • Colorado New Construction Pier Cap
  • New Construction Pier Cap
  • Boardwalk Saddle Brackets
  • Slab Bracket
  • Light Duty Bracket
  • Wall Anchor Package
  • Tie-Back Package
  • Street Light and Pole Bases

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