Tru-Lift Bracket

Unlike most foundation repair brackets, PierTech’s Patented Tru-Lift Bracket is lightweight, easy to install, and is virtuallymovement free. This saves you time and money especially on larger projects. It is patented to draw into the foundation, providing a secure and stable platform that will not move or rotate. The Tru-Lift Bracket is made from the highest quality steel, and is designed to last for years even under the most strenuous working conditions. Installation requires 5 simple steps:

     1. Install helical pier and cut at the proper height

     2. Set bracket and position to place bracket seat under footing

     3. Install insert slider block and threaded rods

     4. Place lifting jack/block in position and apply load

     5. Complete by cutting the threaded rods at the appropriate height

Deck Bracket

The PierTech Deck Bracket is a fast and hassle-free alternative to building your next deck. The helical deck pier system allows you to install a deck foundation in hours instead of days. The system works by combining a proven helical pier technology and an easy to work with post bracket assembly.

Benefits Include:

  • Fast and Hassle Free
  • No Concrete or Welding
  • Foundation Not Susceptible to Frost Heave
  • Difficult to Access Spaces is Not an Issue
  • Installed with Small Equipment
  • Don’t Worry about Hitting a Precise Location
  • Fully Adjustable

Porch Bracket

Porch foundations are not much different than foundations for your home. Some of the common causes of porch and patio settlement are:

  • Poor soil compaction when the house was built
  • Unstable water conditions
  • Expansive soils
  • Poor Drainage

If you notice that your porch is pulling away from the home, cracking, or tilting, these are a sign of porch foundation issues. Don’t ignore your porch foundation problem, it could become a danger and also is unsightly. PierTech Systems Porch Bracket is your solution, providing a quick option for repairing the necessary issues.

View the video to see the installation process!

Adjustable Oil Field Bracket

PierTech’s oil field bracket provides a field adjustable option for projects requiring elevation sensitive foundations, such pipelines. After the pile is installed, the hub is attached and the bracket is threaded to the required elevation.

  • The Bracket is adjustable vertically up to 3 inches
  • The typical 10 or 12-inch diameter plate can be bolted or welded to the structure in the field
  • The Bracket body can be torqued to grade

Tilt-Up Bracket

Concrete walls are poured flat on the ground and raised into position. The PierTech Brackets helps to stabilize the wall. Once the bracket is securely bolted to the anchor, the walls can then be raised. After installations are complete, the brackets can be removed and used on the next project.

Tilt-Up Bracket Advantages:

  • Removable and reusable for future projects
  • Minimal soil disturbance
  • Rapid installation and loading capability

New Construction Pier Cap

PierTech Systems manufactures New Construction Pier Caps which can be manufactured to work on any type of new construction project from Home Building with our 2 7/8″ Material to a Large Diameter Commercial Project.

New Construction Pier Cap Advantages:

  • Helical Piers Increase the Foundations Life Expectancy
  • Reduces Cost of Excavation
  • Helical Piers are Ideal for Poor Soil Conditions
  • Helical Piles are a Permanent Foundation Solution
  • Can be Engineered for any size project
  • Speed Up the Construction Schedule
  • All-Weather Installation

Cross Lock Connection

The Patented Cross Lock connection saves up to 50% in labor costs by providing an instant connection. This pier has zero hole deformation, an increased torque capacity, and is available in several diameters to ensure you can use them on many helical projects.


  • Instant Alignment
  • Saves Money
  • Steel on Steel Connection
  • Zero Hole Deformation
  • Superior Strength and Stability
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • ESR – 3969 ICC Certified


Cross-Bolt Connector

Unlike typical single bolt or double bolt inline connections, PierTech Systems’ patented cross bolt technology eliminates movement and deflection in the pile for unprecedented rigidity. By using a multi-bolt connection in both planes, our cross-bolt delivers greater strength than others in the market.


  • Decreases soil disturbance during installation
  • Increases load capacity potential
  • Post installation, it decreases the potential for lateral movement and deflection

Other Brackets and Connections

Besides our most popular Tru-Lift Bracket and Cross Lock connection. We manufacture several other types of brackets and connections.

  • New Construction Pier Cap
  • Boardwalk Saddle Brackets
  • Slab Bracket
  • Light Duty Bracket
  • Wall Anchor Package
  • Tie-Back Package
  • Street Light and Pole Bases

Put PierTech to Work for You

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