In use since the turn of the century, Tilt-Up construction isn’t new but the PierTech approach is. Using helical pier technology in Tilt-Up construction applications for the very first time, PierTech Systems is literally breaking new ground with our patented Tilt-Up, Insta-Brace Anchor. Over 15% of all industrial buildings in the United States are built using Tilt-Up methods, favored for its ultra long lifespan and durability. With PierTech’s Insta-Brace Anchor, buildings that last a lifetime are quicker and easier to build than ever before.

Created from a unique design consisting of three helix plates welded to a 1 ½“ square bar shaft, the PierTech Systems Insta-Brace Anchor is made from superior strength steel. Typically stronger than steel used by other manufacturers, the shaft makes this the strongest helical anchor available with a yield strength of 95ksi and a tensile strength measured at 130 ksi.

While current Tilt-Up construction practice means concrete walls are created flat on the ground and then raised into position, the Insta-Brace Anchor expedites the entire process, eliminating traditional deadmen.

When your project is complete, the PierTech Systems Insta-Brace Anchor can be removed and reused in future applications!