Skid Steer Attachments

Telescopic- (SSA-S)

The PierTech Telescopic Skid Steer Attachment is the most common skid package that PierTech offers. This attachment offers the operator greater reach and extends to give you the ability to install longer piles. The telescopic skid attachment is universal for most skid steers and has a quick attach plate for ease of disconnecting and reconnecting.

  • Easy hook up
  • Multiple telescoping options
  • Can reach out up to 6′ from the plate
  • Universal for most skid steers

Long Reach (661318)

The Long Reach Attachment can allow the operator to put in piles at an angle with multiple connection points. This attachment is great for doing bulkheads, shoring, or any application that requires an angled installation. With retractable feet, this is an attachment that is very easy to detach and store without a struggle.

      • Easy disconnection and connection
      • Retractable feet for easy storage
      • Multiple mounting options for horizontal and angled installs
      • Universal for most skid steers

Extended Reach (SSA-E)

This PierTech Extended Reach Attachment allows the installation of pile sections in excess of 10 feet. The multiple pinpoints on the telescoping arm make this attachment versatile, cutting cost and time on installation. Add the transport stand for ease of movement when not connected to a machine for quick and easy storage.

      • Allows a skid to install 15+ length sections
      • Available stand for easy storage and attachment
      • Multiple reach options
      • Universal for most skid steers

Mini Skid Steer Attachment (MM-10K-11-ML)

The PierTech Mini Skid Steer Attachment allows machines like the dingo, the Vermeer Tx series, and the bobcat mt series to install helical piles. This attachment and drive can put the 2 7/8″ pile into capacity. Great for low clearance and tight access installs, keeping the installer from having to use the handheld. On some machines, the full setup can fit through a standard doorway.

      • Great for low clearance and tight access applications
      • Universal to mini and walk-behind skid steers
      • Easy use for angled installs