TruLink Monitor (TM-TT-45-4-15-5)

The PierTech Trulink real torque monitor takes any guessing out of the equation. The monitor works by using the pin in the ears of the drive to give true torque within a 98% accuracy. This does not use hydraulic pressure, so it can be used on many different drives. The operator can see an accurate torque value and visually monitor the angle of installation with an on-screen moving target This monitor can remove a man from your crew. The display offers the ability to download and send the torque logs, depths, and pile numbers in a detailed format directly from the site. This monitor is the cutting-edge top on the line device and can win you projects.

      • Uses actual torque, no pressure gauges for 98% accuracy
      • Inclinometer offers real-time monitoring of piles angle
      • Keeps torque in real time for an operator to view
      • Information can be download to a jump drive on site
      • Pins come calibrated with a certificate
      • No pressure to torque calculations
      • No additional drive head height
      • Sideloading and down pressure do not affect torque reading