Hercules Helical Drive Heads

20K (20HDLS)

25K (25HDLS)

30K (30HDLS)

30K – 70K

70K – 150K

150K – 220K

190K – 375K

Whenever you need the maximum power, PierTech’s Hercules Helical Drive Heads can help you get the job done. Our products feature greater power and speed than other drive heads on the market and are specifically engineered for helical pier and pile installation. Our drive heads help you maximize efficiency and reduce operator error.

  • Highest volumetrically efficient motors available, ensure consistent & efficient pile installation throughout the working day
  • Compact, high-quality gearbox
  • Inbuilt PRV (pressure relief valve) standard
  • ICV (Inertia Control Relief Valve) to prevent rapid decompression of oil, caused by the reverse energy created by pile Kick-back
  • Engineered hood & ears for maximum strength
  • Extreme duty shaft locking system
  • No complex hoses, valving or filtration
  • 2 speed drives available up to 100 gpm, no need to detune your machine
  • 1-year gearbox & 1-year motor warranty