PierTech’s Cross Lock Connection vs. PierTech’s Push Pier System

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Every single day, if a homeowner has issues opening windows, doors, must look at cracks in their walls or ceilings, they will begin to find themselves looking for a solution to these persisting issues. Homeowners want to understand their repair options before making an impulse purchase and not even considering what is best for their home and their wallet.There are several different types of hardware for leveling the homeowner’s foundation, often homeowners will come across a few types of piering solutions including Helical Piles, and push piers. Helicals are the preferred choice for home foundations, but there are times where push piers are an alternative that can be used and was the choice the homeowner wanted to make based upon the pricing.


The PierTech Helical System Advantages

Helical piles are screwed into the ground and have been around almost if the push pier system has. Their design was originally created for lighthouses, and the soil conditions they sat upon. Helicals have become a staple for many foundation systems such as roads, bridges, homes, skyscrapers, parking garages, oil pipelines, and more. The cross lock helical pile, which is exclusive to PierTech can save time and money for both the installer and the homeowner, making it a great option for foundation repair. The use of the PierTech patented lightweight Tru-Lift bracket also gives the installer and homeowner and advantage they may not find anywhere else, the bracket is installed on top of the helical turned under the foundation, and as it is jacked up it pulls into the foundation. The bracket is secured to the foundation and provides a permanent and stable foundation that the homeowner just would not be able to get anywhere else. The use of the helical system is faster, more effective, and requires a lot less excavation, noise, and can be installed inside or outside the home.

The PierTech Push Pier System Advantages

PierTech has a full push pier line that is sometimes chosen as an alternative to helical piles. The push piers are hollow pipes that fit together and are pushed into the ground. This is done using hydraulic ram until it reaches the load bearing stratum. They are anchored to the structure with the PierTech push pier bracket system. This creates lift, leveling, and stability for the home. The biggest advantage of helical piles is that they can be installed in small and tight spaces. There are limitations to this system that the helical pile is just not subject to. This includes weight requirement, resistance to the capacity, inability to use broken footings, can only be installed vertically, and the need for excess length when lots of support is required. Push piers also have the issue of not being a permanent solution the way that helicals are.

Why Choose Cross Lock Helicals over Push Piers?

The reason you should choose helicals in most applications is that they are ideal for light loads, heavy loads, all repairs, and new construction. Helical piles can be uninstalled a reinstalled anytime that is needed. They can be moved to another location, making this very cost effective when you consider all the advantages that the homeowner will receive from the use of helicals vs. push piers. The PierTech helical system is flexible, can save time and money, are permanent, less hassle, and are faster and easier to install than any other pile. The cross lock helical system eliminates hole deformation, and all compression is held in the coupling, not to mention instant alignment

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