What are Push Piers?


push pier



What are Push Piers?

Push Piers are a steel pipe that is standardly used in the application of foundation repair. These piers are hydraulically driven into soil so that can bear the load; the push piers are then anchored to the foundations footing using a bracket because that will stabilize, and lift the structure.


What Does the Push Pier System Consist of?

  • PierTech Push Pier Bracket
  • Hydraulic Push Cylinder
  • Round Hollow Shaft 2 7/8” OD
  • Round Hollow Shaft 3 ½” OD

What does the Push Pier Installation Look Like?

  1. A PierTech certified installer analyzes the building and soil types to determine the number of piers required.Push Pier
  2. Minor excavation work around the footer for each pier.
  3. Piers driven into the ground next to the foundation.
  4. Additional lengths of piers used.
  5. Patented PierTech Tru-Lift Bracket added to the piers.
  6. The Home or building hydraulically raised.
  7. Brackets permanently attached to the structure.
  8. Excavation backfilled and landscaping returned to the original condition.

What are some Advantages to Using the PierTech Push Pier System?

  • High strength steel
  • Push Piers are a permanent foundation solution
  • Concrete not needed
  • Install is quick and easy

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