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Learn more about the PierTech System and our product line today! PierTech has spent lots of time building and putting together a new product manual that is easy to download, and easy to read. The manual includes photos, renderings, as well as all you need to know about our helicals and items prior to purchasing. […]

Helical Piles Explained: All You Need to Know about Helical Piers

What are Helical Piers? Helical Piers, Helical Piles, Helical Anchors, Ground Screws, and the many other names of this type of foundation system are what is used to anchor a heavy foundation. They are used to build the base, or to lift existing foundations. Helical Piles tend to be the most cost-effective foundation solution for […]

PierTech Announces Sister Company and Welcomes Principal Engineer Bret Anderson

PierTech is pleased to announce that Bret Anderson has been named the company’s Principal Engineer for design, review, analysis, and post-installation review of helical piles under Pier Tech Engineering, a sister company to PierTech Systems.  Bret, who has worked in the geotechnical and structural industry for over 40 years, brings over two decades of experience […]

Helical Piles in the Oil and Gas Industry

PierTech’s Helical Pier System are a product that is ideally suited for the oil and gas industry. They make a strong permanent solution for the industry. PierTech’s Helicals can also be removed easily if the foundation is no longer required, leaving little to no disturbance or environmental impact. Why use the patented PierTech System? Our […]

Helical Piles for Dock and Boardwalk Construction

To minimize construction in areas where you are trying to preserve nature and leave the land as undisturbed as possible using the PierTech helical system for Boardwalks and Docks is the ideal solution. This allows for fragile areas like marshes, wetlands, sand dunes, and more to be upgraded, or to add a dock or boardwalk […]

All You Need to Know About Helical Piles

  What is a Helical Pile? Helical piles are a manufactured steel foundation anchor. This anchor is then driven into the ground at the specified depth. This is done using hydraulic machinery, which comes in various sizes dependent on the jobs needs. Helical piers are used for a variety of applications such as residential foundation […]

Helical Piers, the Foundation for Summer Entertaining

Spending time on your deck or patio may mean you need to consider updates, or potentially even start from scratch and fix issues or build a deck or patio. The foundation of your outdoor entertainment area is highly important, you want to ensure that it is not sinking, settled, bowed, and will be safe for […]

4 Reasons Helical Piles Are the Best Foundation Solution

Helical piles are a solution to stabilize new and existing foundations for a lifetime. The is twisted into the ground. Helical piles are cost-effective and faster to install, because they require no concrete curing, and they do not require deep and expensive excavating. Using helical piles will reduce the cost because it will allow contractors […]