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Prepare for a Home Foundation Inspection

When contemplating if a home needs foundation repair you know the project will not be cheap. However, the process can run smoothly, and if the correct method chosen should be a permanent fix that will last a lifetime. There are several things to consider before hiring the contractor that is performing the home foundation repair. […]

Brackets and Connections for Helical Piers

PierTech’s Brackets and Connections for Helical Piers work perfectly with the patented PierTech Cross Lock System. Helical Piles deep foundation solutions. Furthermore, the solutions that PierTech Systems provides are easy to install. They are used when soil prevents standard building of a foundation. The brackets are often used for foundation repair or new construction. But, […]

Things You Should Know Before Building a Foundation

There are several things you should know before building a foundation. The design of a foundation seems simple and straightforward. However, this does not mean that the installation is easy, straightforward, or that there is no need to plan. The truth behind foundations is that they need to be stable, foundations should be built to […]

Can Construction Continue in the Winter?

As the temperature changes towards the end of the year, the snow starts to fall, and the ground begins to freeze many companies ask: Can Construction Continue in the Winter? The short answer is yes. However, with this question there are a few things to consider. If you are working to fix roads it may […]

Use Helicals Instead of Pouring Concrete

Use Helicals Instead of Pouring Concrete to Fix a Failing Foundation. Failing foundations happen for several reason, when a foundation fails, settles, or starts to sink what is the next step? One of the first thoughts is to bring in concrete and put it under the existing foundation. Concrete is a solid base often used […]

7 Tips to Prevent Foundation Damage

7 Tips to prevent foundation damage that home and business owners tend to overlook. Many owners of homes and businesses tend to overlook foundation maintenance. This means that they can have foundation issues in the future that will not be cheap, and the average repair cost averages around $4000. PierTech ensures to manufacture the highest […]

Wind Turbine Foundations

Wind turbine foundations are one of the many forms of alternative energy where the demand has increased. PierTech Systems provides several options for supporting the foundation of green energy alternatives. Using PierTech’s patented system will allow for anchoring of wind turbines. Why Use PierTech’s System for Wind Turbines? Stability is essential in this application. Have […]

How to Become a Certified PierTech Installer

Wondering how to become a certified PierTech Installer? PierTech Systems provides a variety of foundation solutions to meet every construction need. PierTech specializes in training potential installers. The installer training staff has years of experience because they have spent a lot of time in the field. When you become a certified PierTech installer you will […]

How to Find a Helical Installer

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out how to find a helical installer. There are several options when you look into  foundation repair for a home. There are thousands of companies throughout the United States alone. This makes it extremely difficult to know which company can resolve all your issues. Therefore, working with a […]

Concrete Pile Foundation Vs. Helical Pile Foundation

Learn more about a Concrete Pile Foundation Vs. a Helical Pile Foundation.   There has been a consistent increase in the demand for new construction, this leads to many professionals in the industry looking for the fastest, most economical, durable, and stable foundation. Industry professionals are always looking for innovative ways to achieve this.  However, […]