Drive Down the Cost of Construction

One of the country’s biggest manufacturers of helical piering and tilt up construction products is doing its bit to help the industry fight its way out of the credit slump with massive discounts on bulk orders. St. Louis based PierTech® Systems designs and produces customizable, high strength helical piering products and accessories.

PierTech® products are used in high demand commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Applications include boardwalk construction, multi-story building construction, foundation repair, tilt-up construction, and soil stabilization. The firm is offering lower per unit priceing on orders placed by the truckload. The discount comes at a time when construction project managers look to cut costs without comprising on safety and quality.

Kevin Kauffman, CEO of PierTech® Systems said: “PierTech® Systems has more than 20 years experience in this industry so we’ve seen the construction business suffer ups and downs before. Our extensive product base is favored in builds in all fifty states. At any given time, PierTech’s® patented cross-bolt technology, numerous piering systems, moment free brackets, and helical anchors are stabilising foundations and keeping builds running smoothly, on time, and on budget across the US and Canada. The truckload discount is our way of helping this tradition to continue.”

PierTech® has recently been granted a patent for their TRU-LIFT® bracket, underlining their expertise in all aspects of helical piering. Suitable for use in unstable soil, on buildings with structural and foundation defects and even on residential homes, all PierTech® products are guaranteed to stand the test of time. And, with the truckload discounts for large orders available on round and square shaft helical piers, they’re better value than ever.

PierTech® products can be ordered over the phone by calling toll free: 866-536-5007. Expert customer service personnel can advise on the best piering solution to suit your needs and provide the relevant truck load discount.