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At PierTech we value all of our installers. We invest in them by offering free training seminars and after the sale support. Our seminars teach you how to use our products in your soil environment. This great for people wanting to self-install helical piers or contractors looking to add more services. A $250 deposit will be required upon registering for the event, which will then be applied to your first purchase of equipment and/or material.

Unlike most manufacturers, we don't compete with our installers for jobs. We use our referral network to send work to our techs. You won’t lose out on a job because of us. We also don't have predefined territories. You can install our products anywhere you want.

Installers love our wide selection of helical products including piers, anchors, piles, accessories and installation equipment. Our diverse line up can cover any soil, torque, or weight requirements. Best yet, our products are in stock and ready to ship. You can count on us when it is crunch time.


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