Why use Helicals instead of Concrete Footings?

November 25, 2020 / in Blog / by Admin

When choosing the best foundation for an addition on your home, a deck, or a sunroom, there are a few options that reach building codes in every area. The most common way people typically go due to already needing foundations poured is to use concrete footings. However, as time has gone on Helicals have become more popular for these types of projects. Concrete has been used for hundreds of years and take excavating below frostline, sliding in a sonotube, backfilling the form, then pouring concrete. The frostlines can be deeper than 4’, the reason for needing to follow these steps is the soil freezing and unfreezing making the ground unstable.

Issues with using Concrete Footings include:

  1. The footings are prone to frost heave if they are not placed deep enough
  2. Excessive excavating is needed to get below the frost line prior to placement
  3. Footings can settle due to shrinking and unstable soils, making it so the project needs done again
  4. The projects with Concrete footings are labor intensive, adding costs for labor.
  5. Concrete needs to cure
  6. The weather conditions need to be right for installation
  7. Often concrete posts cannot be installed the same day

Using Helical Piles instead of Concrete Benefits:

  • Can be installed well below the frostline, and is not susceptible to frost heave
  • Helicals are a permanent foundation solution, that will last you a lifetime
  • The installation is clean and no excessive excavating is needed
  • Helical piles can be used for any size project
  • Helicals can be built upon the same day, there is no waiting time for curing
  • You will save on labor costs, when using helical piles
  • Helicals can be installed in all weather conditions, year round

With most projects like a home, home addition, deck, sunroom, dock, or other foundation like this, the investment is large. It is important to ensure that the foundation is done right the first time to protect the investment.

PierTech Systems offers a variety of products like the Deck Bracket, and our Deck Pier System that include the Cross Lock system that will save you up to 50% on labor costs. This is on top of the standard helical piling system. Protect your investment today and contact us!


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