PierTech Systems Patented Cross-Lockā„¢ Connection Saves Valuable Time & Money for Installers

February 23, 2017 / in Press Release / by Admin

Round shaft helical piers offer superior strength and rigidity, making them the ideal solution for compression applications.  The problem has always been making the connection safely and quickly.  As torque increases the holes begin to deform, causing further delays in the installation process. Consequently, the installer can spend more time making the connection than installing the pile.  The installer has always had to deal with this type of problem.

To combat the issue, PierTech Systems has developed the new patented (Patent No. US009506214B1) Cross-Lock™ Connection, which is included in the company’s ICC-ES certification for its 2.875” O.D. x .217” wall helical pile (ESR-3969).  This patented connection goes together in seconds with all the torque contained in the Cross-Lock™ coupling, so there is never any bolt hole deformation, per company officials.


The Cross-Lock™ connection instantly aligns and locks in place, therefore, eliminating the issue of lining up bolt holes in the connection or wasting time threading a bolt through a deformed hole. The Cross-Lock™ allows installers to simply connect and quickly continue the installation process.

“PierTech is revolutionizing the helical pile industry by delivering zero bolt hole deformation.  This translates to less movement during installation and less potential movement after installation thus providing superior stability and capacity in the helical pile,” said company President, Kevin Kaufman.


According to Kaufman, if a PierTech round shaft pile needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled, there is not a concern because the Cross-Lock™ connection ensures no bolt hole deformation. This is often times not the case with other round shaft helical piles on the market.  “Our new ICC-ES Certified (ESR-3969) patented Cross-Lock™ connection has been rigorously tested in the laboratory and in the field and is measuring excellent success,” Kaufman added.

PierTech’s new patented Cross-Lock™ connection offers these features and benefits:

  • ICC-ES (ESR-3969) Certified
  • Safer Installation
  • Instant Alignment
  • Zero Hole Deformation
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • Superior Strength and Lateral Stability
  • Steel on Steel Connection (torque and compression on bolts is eliminated)
  • Reduced Installation Times – up to 50%

The patented Cross Lock™ connection is offered exclusively by PierTech Systems.


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