Helical Piles Explained: All You Need to Know about Helical Piers

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What are Helical Piers?

Helical Piers, Helical Piles, Helical Anchors, Ground Screws, and the many other names of this type of foundation system are what is used to anchor a heavy foundation. They are used to build the base, or to lift existing foundations.

Helical Piles tend to be the most cost-effective foundation solution for residential and commercial use. They are fast, and last a lifetime, not to mention the PierTech’s patented Cross Lock system will save you upwards of 50% on labor costs!


How do you use Helical Piers?

Helical Piles are drilled deep within the ground to support the structure that exists or that will be built upon them. There are many different foundation scenarios, where helical piers will be your very best solution. These can be installed using one of PierTech Systems’ equipment set ups, and this can be fully customized to fit any machine that is already in your fleet, you plan to purchase, or even a rental.

When should Helical Piles be Used?

Helicals are strongly encouraged to be used at the very beginning of construction to prevent future issues with foundations. However, they are used once the foundation is damaged, needs lifted, or needs repaired. They are great to use in all soil types, but especially when the soil is not ideal for building upon.

  • For parking garages
  • For commercial buildings
  • For new homes
  • For existing homes
  • Amusement parks
  • Light pole bases
  • Government Projects
  • Green Energy
  • And much more!


What is the Benefit of Using Helicals Vs. Using Other Foundation Systems?

Helicals are a permanent foundation solution and when you choose to use the PierTech System you are set up with a system that is far superior to all other helicals. PierTech’s Cross Lock System not only saves you time on labor, but it also instantly aligns, you won’t see hole deformation, you will not feel wobble within the coupling while installing, it is a patented system that is going to allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

You can build right after install, there is minimal soil disturbance, as well as minimal excavation needed to install this system. You can install all year round if you choose to as there is no need to pour concrete for this type of install.

The best part about helicals is that they are built to function best in even the worst soil conditions.

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