Helical Pier Commercial Construction

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PierTech Systems works with helical pier commercial construction contractors all over the world providing permanent foundation solutions. When working with large diameter helical piles you want to ensure that the product is the highest quality, and that you have the strongest engineering and customer support staff working with you. PierTech provides all you need from the beginning of the project through the end.

Why Hercules Piles for Large Diameter Helical Pile Commercial Construction?

  • Supports up to 500 tons
  • Install in all weather conditions
  • Zero Vibration
  • Low Noise Install
  • Available in 4-inch up to 48-inch diameters

PierTech has revolutionized the industry by providing the High-Capacity Hercules pile. The Hercules Pile is a patented product that is a large diameter. This pile will deliver the best stability, and capacity on the market. This product supports up to 500 tons and will retain all features that make the helical pile easy to work with.

Featured Hercules Pile Project:

Application – Commercial

Project Name – Robert’s Garage Ramp

Location – North Dakota, US

Project Description:

The Roberts Garage project was in Fargo, North Dakota. A 5-story elevated parking garage to be constructed on poor soil. The construction site needed a minimal noise and vibration free solution due to the sensitivity of other surrounding foundations. PierTech’s Hercules piles chosen because they could satisfy this requirement.

Design Description:

The PierTech Hercules Pile leads were 10-¾” OD Hercules piles – PierTech’s proprietary tip, with an 18” and 24” helix. The Piles were constructed to an ultimate capacity of 800 kips compression load. Field static and dynamic load tests were completed to verify the capacity


The PierTech Hercules piers were installed in groups of 3 to 6. These high-capacity helical piers were torqued into a hard-glacial till at an average depth of 100-120 feet. Over 100 piles were installed with a Cat 349 excavator, using a PierTech 230k drive tool. Pier sections were field welded by the contractor in 20-25 feet sections. Pile caps were formed, and concrete was poured around each pier group.

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