Can I Install Helicals Myself?

February 26, 2021 / in Blog / by Admin

Absolutely! To get started installing helicals the individual will want to attend PierTech’s monthly installer training and certification seminars. Understanding the ins and outs of installing helicals is a must. A future installer will attend prior to doing a job, or their own project. Knowing the sizing, soils, and other information will have a big impact on how the job is completed. This will also affect how much it will cost.


In a perfect world, the individual would want to start with a geotechnical survey, before starting any project. PierTech recommends engineering prior to working and installing a project. However, many people have experience in familiar soil and are able to skip this step to do a small project like build a deck.

Understanding what PierTech’s patented brackets do, and which applications to use them for. This is done to ensure compatibility with a project prior to purchase. A contractor would not want to have to buy all new brackets to support what is being built.


Ensuring the installer understands local building codes, and consult with the building department is a great idea. If a person is doing a project that does need engineering this will allow for them to work with the local building department and establish a relationship, just in case they need a project stamped.

Make sure the installer is prepared prior to install. This is done by calling before a dig to ensure they will not hit wire or pipes. A helical installer can even ask the homeowner, the home builder, contractor, etc. to do this for them if this is not their own project. Always be prepared for the unknown, there are times where they may hit something such as a drain tile or rock and need to reposition to install. Knowing these types of things are possibilities allows for the installer to be prepared, and ensure they do not cause extensive damage.


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