7 Reasons to Use Helical Piles for your Outdoor Living Space

October 9, 2020 / in Uncategorized / by Admin

  1. Fast Installation: Helical piles can be built upon immediately after installation
  2. Can be installed in all weather conditions: It does not matter if it is wet, cold, snowy helical piles can be installed for deck construction year-round no matter what the weather condition is. When using concrete this is just not possible, which causes delay in construction.
  3. High load capacity: With the use of helical piles and the Pier Tech system you can guarantee that your piles will not settle over time due to being overloaded. The process is carefully engineered prior to installation.
  4. Accurate installation: With the use of the PierTech Intelli-Tork torque monitoring system you can ensure that the helical is accurately installed. The torque monitoring system is a great tool for installers to use on site that will give all information needed in real time with the help of an IOS or Android device. This can then easily be emailed to anyone who may need the report.
  5. Added Depth: PierTech’s standard helicals come in 5’ and 7’ lengths, which allows you to reach soil that has not been moved, or if it has with the helicals installed to the specified depth you will not expect any settling to occur which will maximize the investment of installing the deck.
  6. Brackets: The PierTech adjustable deck bracket also allows for the installation to be more accurate and is easy to use. This allows the installer a little wiggle room upon installation, and with the help of the adjustable bracket they will work perfectly. This also eliminates the need for any concrete.
  7. No excavation needed: Soil will be undisturbed, and landscape disturbance is minimized with the installation of helicals. The use of the PierTech system allows for install without excavation being needed.


The use of helical piles for deck construction is the most efficient way to install deck footings for your new deck, patio, or outdoor living space.


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