PierTech Revolutionize Tilt-up Construction

PierTech Systems is revolutionizing the tilt-up construction industry with the introduction of its patented tilt-up anchor, pre-engineered for superior results in all tilt-up applications.

Using helical technology in tilt-up construction applications for the very first time, PierTech Systems are literally breaking new ground with the Insta-Brace Anchor. Completely reusable and removing the need for time-consuming concrete piling, the unique Insta-Brace Anchor is simply screwed into position ready for bracing.

When the project is complete, the anchor is uninstalled.

Created from a unique design consisting of three helix plates welded to a 1 1/2′ square bar shaft, the PierTech Systems Insta-Brace Anchor is made from superior strength steel.

Typically stronger than steel used by other manufacturers, the shaft makes this the strongest helical anchor available with a yield strength of 95ksi and a tensile strength measured at 130 ksi.

While current tilt-up construction practice means concrete walls are created flat on the ground and then raised into position, the Insta-Brace Anchor expedites the entire process, stabilizing construction with quick installation and no curing time.

Kevin Kaufman, President of PierTech Systems said, “Our newly developed Insta-Brace anchor provides tilt-up contractors with an economical and efficient alternative to the traditional cast in place, concrete deadman. Our qualified technicians offer on-site training to ensure safety and proper installation procedures. PierTech Systems charges no franchise fees.”

Designed and manufactured by PierTech Systems at their St Louis, Missouri base, the Insta-Brace Anchor for tilt-up construction can be ordered toll free by calling 866-536-5007.
PierTech Systems can deliver worldwide.

PierTech Systems is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile, and most economical foundation and soil stabilization products.