Insta-Brace Anchor System Exclusive Dealer

Helical pier specialist PierTech® Systems is pleased to announce a new national distributor for the PierTech® Insta-Brace System. Committed to the manufacture and distribution of groundbreaking construction technologies, PierTech® welcomes Dayton Superior as the exclusive national distributor of its Insta-Brace System.

With distribution centers in Birmingham, Alabama, and Rialto, California, Dayton Superior will sell and rent the PierTech® Insta-Brace System through their network of certified tilt-up distributors. PierTech® will continue to utilize their existing installers to provide all labor required to install and remove the system.

Kevin Kaufman, President of PierTech® Systems, said, “We have designed our PierTech® Insta-Brace Anchor to be the highest quality and most durable product of its kind. Its strength combined with its ease of use and the speed of installation makes our PierTech® Insta-Brace Anchor the product of choice in today’s tilt-up industry. We’re delighted that this vision is shared by Dayton Superior and look forward to working closely with them in the coming months.”

The Insta-Brace System is a three-piece system consisting of PierTech® Insta-Brace Anchors, PierTech® Insta-Brace Brackets, and PierTech® Insta-Brace Extensions for deeper installations. This system achieves the loads required to match wall brace loads up to 12,000# safe working load. Typically stronger than steel used by other manufacturers, the superior strength steel favored by PierTech® for this application makes the shaft the strongest helical anchor available with a yield strength of 95ksi and a tensile strength measured at 130 ksi.

Expediting the entire tilt-up process, the Insta-Brace system stabilizes construction with quick installation and no curing time.

PierTech® Systems can deliver worldwide. PierTech® Systems is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile and most economical helical pier, foundation and soil stabilization products. Whether it is stabilizing a home or office, building a boardwalk, repairing a bridge abutment, or installing a tower, PierTech® has the materials and the expertise to complete your project.