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If you are looking to become a PierTech Certified Installer, we will be hosting a Training Seminar on Tuesday, January 22nd, at the Luxor Resort and Casino. PierTech specializes in training potential installers with varying degrees of experience to properly calculate, plan, and execute the installation of helical piers, piles, and anchors. A $250-dollar deposit will be required upon registering for the event, which will then be applied to any purchase of equipment and/or material. Please call us today to reserve your spot at our Las Vegas event.

PierTech will also be hosting an evening reception at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Wednesday, January 23rd, to thank our customers and friends for their business and continued support. Appetizers and drinks with be provided. The reception will begin at 6:00 pm. Please join us for a fun-filled evening, call us TODAY to RSVP.

The PierTech Team looks forward to seeing you in Las Vegas for Installer Training and our Evening Reception. Don’t forget to reserve your spot for training and RSVP to our evening reception!

PierTech System’s World of Concrete Recap

Check out our team in action at the World of Concrete and our evening reception at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino!

World of Concrete 2017 Recap

Check out the recap from PierTech System's trip to Las Vegas for the World of Concrete! Great time with a great team! #worldofconcrete #recap #lasvegas #piertechsystems

Posted by PierTech® Systems, LLC. on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

PierTech Systems Patented Cross-Lock™ Connection Saves Valuable Time & Money for Installers

Round shaft helical piers offer superior strength and rigidity, making them the ideal solution for compression applications.  The problem has always been making the connection safely and quickly.  As torque increases the holes begin to deform, causing further delays in the installation process. Consequently, the installer can spend more time making the connection than installing the pile.  The installer has always had to deal with this type of problem.

To combat the issue, PierTech Systems has developed the new patented (Patent No. US009506214B1) Cross-Lock™ Connection, which is included in the company’s ICC-ES certification for its 2.875” O.D. x .217” wall helical pile (ESR-3969).  This patented connection goes together in seconds with all the torque contained in the Cross-Lock™ coupling, so there is never any bolt hole deformation, per company officials.


The Cross-Lock™ connection instantly aligns and locks in place, therefore, eliminating the issue of lining up bolt holes in the connection or wasting time threading a bolt through a deformed hole. The Cross-Lock™ allows installers to simply connect and quickly continue the installation process.

“PierTech is revolutionizing the helical pile industry by delivering zero bolt hole deformation.  This translates to less movement during installation and less potential movement after installation thus providing superior stability and capacity in the helical pile,” said company President, Kevin Kaufman.


According to Kaufman, if a PierTech round shaft pile needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled, there is not a concern because the Cross-Lock™ connection ensures no bolt hole deformation. This is often times not the case with other round shaft helical piles on the market.  “Our new ICC-ES Certified (ESR-3969) patented Cross-Lock™ connection has been rigorously tested in the laboratory and in the field and is measuring excellent success,” Kaufman added.

PierTech’s new patented Cross-Lock™ connection offers these features and benefits:

  • ICC-ES (ESR-3969) Certified
  • Safer Installation
  • Instant Alignment
  • Zero Hole Deformation
  • Increased Torque Capacity
  • Superior Strength and Lateral Stability
  • Steel on Steel Connection (torque and compression on bolts is eliminated)
  • Reduced Installation Times – up to 50%

The patented Cross Lock™ connection is offered exclusively by PierTech Systems.

Could You Be a Dealer?

The specialists in helical piers and foundation solutions, PierTech Systems, has announced that they have territories available both in the United States and Canada in which to become an official PierTech dealer. The company has opportunities for contractors and installers to become official PierTech dealers. They will be given their own territory after having completed an extensive training program.

PierTech provides the construction industry with the highest quality foundation, soil stabilization, and piering systems products that are highly economical. They offer patented helical piers and piering products that give dealers a competitive edge in the marketplace. PierTech dealers benefit from the company’s years of expertise, thorough advice, and guidance both during their training and thereafter. PierTech provides enough support to guide a dealer through the most demanding of jobs.

From helical piers and helical anchors to complete tilt-up construction applications, PierTech’s foundation solutions provide strength and quality in every situation and are priced highly competitively. PierTech has revolutionized the tilt-up industry with its innovative, patented designs and a service that recognizes the importance of customer care. They know how vital it is to have their products constantly available and they pride themselves on surpassing their customers’ expectations.

PierTech Systems develops foundations for the 21st century and holds patents on helical construction and underpinning products. The care and attention PierTech puts into their product development and patenting is matched by the care with which they select and train every distributor and dealer in their organization. PierTech’s network is unrivaled in the industry due to the experience of the people within that network. Their dealer training program covers everything an individual could possibly need to know about the PierTech System. This includes operation, installation, maintenance, safety measures, and how to calculate live and dead loads.

PierTech continues to assist members of their dealer network once the training program is completed. Their engineering and technical support staff carry on giving valuable, expert advice both by telephone and on-site. There is also a dedicated ‘Dealer’ section of the PierTech website.


Pioneering Cross-Bolt Connection

St. Louis, MO: Helical piering specialists PierTech Systems has added a further unique piering solution to its outstanding portfolio of patented helical piers and foundation construction products for both commercial and residential applications.

The patented cross-bolt connection from the Missouri-based designers and manufacturers boasts a considerable advantage over traditionally thought-out connection designs.

Eliminating the sloppy movement of the pile experienced by single bolt fixtures and the movement of the pile along the plane witnessed in multiple bolt inline connections, the Cross-Bolt design by PierTech offers the most secure connection on the market.

PierTech utilizes a multi-bolt connection in both planes to refuse deflection and assure superior rigidity, the cross-bolt is suitable for use in commercial and residential foundation construction and repair.

Already a favored partner of engineers across the United States, the revolutionary Cross-Bolt Connection is just one of a plethora of products from a brand synonymous with effective, affordable piering systems and foundation repair products.

The Cross-Bolt Connection will be on display at the PierTech Systems booth (S13045) World of Concrete Exposition in Las Vegas. Visitors to the booth will also be able to view bestselling foundation applications such as the Hercules Pile, Helical and Push Pier Systems, the Tru-Lift Bracket, Round Shaft Piers, Square Shaft Anchors, the Component Pile, Grouted Piles, and Tie-Back Systems. Product demonstrations and seminars will also be held.

Drive Down the Cost of Construction

One of the country’s biggest manufacturers of helical piering and tilt-up construction products is doing its bit to help the industry fight its way out of the credit slump with massive discounts on bulk orders. St. Louis-based PierTech® Systems designs and produces customizable high strength helical piering products and accessories.

PierTech® products are used in high-demand commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Applications include boardwalk construction, multi-story building construction, foundation repair, tilt-up construction, and soil stabilization. The firm is offering lower per unit pricing on orders placed by the truckload. The discount comes at a time when construction project managers look to cut costs without comprising on safety and quality.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech® Systems, said “PierTech® Systems has more than 20 years of experience in this industry so we’ve seen the construction business suffer ups and downs before. Our extensive product base is favored in builds in all fifty states. At any given time, PierTech’s® patented cross-bolt technology, numerous piering systems, moment-free brackets, and helical anchors are stabilizing foundations and keeping builds running smoothly, on time, and on budget across the US and Canada. The truckload discount is our way of helping this tradition to continue.”

PierTech® has recently been granted a patent for their TRU-LIFT® bracket, underlining their expertise in all aspects of helical piering. Suitable for use in unstable soil, on buildings with structural and foundation defects and even on residential homes, all PierTech® products are guaranteed to stand the test of time. And, with the truckload discounts for large orders available on round and square shaft helical piers, they’re better value than ever.

PierTech® products can be ordered over the phone by calling toll free: 866-536-5007. Expert customer service personnel can advise on the best piering solution to suit your needs and provide the relevant truckload discount.

Expanding Dealer Network

Providing the construction industry with versatile and economical foundation and soil stabilization products, the St. Louis-headquartered firm holds patents on a number of helical pier designs. Researched, manufactured, and designed on site in Missouri, the square shaft helical anchor and round shaft helical pier by PierTech Systems also make use of patented cross-bolt technology.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech Systems, said, “With innovation at its core, the PierTech network of dealers recognizes the importance of product availability, customer service, and engineering. Dealers joining the PierTech network must undergo extensive dealer training, benefiting from years of expertise and first-hand knowledge of our mold-breaking piering products to deliver safety and durability.”

Designed to increase productivity and customer service, the new dealers will undergo one of the most respected engineer training programs of any foundation solution manufacturer. New dealerships will undertake both technical and hands-on training in the contractors’ native soil, extending the understanding of foundation failure and innovative helical piering system application for commercial and domestic repair.

The fully-engineered PierTech foundation system has myriad applications and is used throughout the continental United States by engineers and architects constructing commercial buildings using tilt-up construction methods.

There are currently 100 PierTech dealerships with an estimated 150 set to be fully open and operational by the end of 2008.

Peerless Dealership Opportunities

PierTech Systems, specialists in foundation solutions and piering systems, have pioneered dealership opportunities that are unrivaled in the marketplace. Providing the construction industry with premium permanent foundation and soil stabilization products, from helix piers to tilt-up anchor systems, PierTech has long known the importance of forging a strong dealer network.

PierTech Systems has been the leading manufacturer of permanent foundations in the engineering world for many years and a key factor behind their success is their expertise in the field. The company uses patented technology in order to create its own line of products that are of the highest quality and are versatile enough for use on both residential and commercial projects.

The quality of its foundation solutions may be the very foundation of PierTech’s business, but its success is also down to having forged a strong network of dealers. The company selects its distributors and dealers with great care to ensure the continuing value of its network. Once selected, the team of highly trained experts in dealer training passes on that expertise to enable them to maximize their profitability whilst meeting exacting safety standards.

PierTech training staff have years of hands-on experience and tailor the training program to the particular dealer. The training covers everything from fundamental soil mechanics, explanation of the differing foundation designs, calculating and testing loads, and how to install PierTech systems. It also covers every aspect of safety, from the early signs of foundation failure to how to operate and maintain the installation equipment safely at all times.

The dealer network training program at PierTech is well-established, fully developed and ranges from practical training to full technical support. The program can take place in the dealer’s native soil to ensure that the training is entirely relevant to their operations. While the course is technical enough to fully cover the science of foundation solutions, such as torque ratio to load capacity, the training is accessible and easy to understand.

Whatever the permanent foundation or soil stabilization requirements, from helical anchors to screw piles, PierTech Systems have been providing solutions for the construction industry for years. The company’s dealership network has been developed over this time and has expanded into one of the most successful in the industry. To find out more about PierTech’s dealership opportunities go to

Engineering Support Sets Us Apart

Helical pier specialists PierTech Systems has added yet another innovation to its catalog of achievements with the creation of an established engineering support network that is second to none.

The support department at the Missouri-headquartered firm specializes in foundation repairs, tilt-up construction, and helical piering projects. Support is provided for geotechnical and structural queries. Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech, said, “Whether you are working on a project with helical piles, tie-backs, anchors, tilt-up, shoring, high capacity piles, new construction, or underpinning, PierTech Systems has a solution for your job.”

PierTech helical piering systems products, including the patented insta-brace anchor, helical anchors and screw piles, are used throughout the United States. With a network of dealers around the country and a dealer training department providing on-site project support to contractors using helical piering systems in their construction works, PierTech Engineering Support is itself built on very solid foundations.

Staffed by experienced engineers, technicians, and project managers, the PierTech support system is maintained to provide expeditious and complete engineering advice. In order to keep on top of industry trends and developments in application use, support staff regularly visit clients on job sites and present PierTech seminars and training sessions. Many of the support staff have first-hand involvement in the PierTech engineering activities, giving them the best possible understanding of piering system behavior and usage.