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Why Attend the Online February Installer Training Seminar?

PierTech is very excited to be hosting their online training and certification seminar for February 24th! The virtual seminars have allowed for PierTech to stay safely connected with many contractors, customers, and more throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We are able to continue to help new and existing contractors to add to their business and learn […]

Using Helical Piles for Alternative Energy

The use of helical piles is unlimited. There are so many applications that helical piles can be used for that will provide a stable foundation for any project you are working on. This includes Alternative Energy such as solar or wind energy. PierTech helical piers are often used in many different green technology applications. The […]

Top 10 Questions Asked in 2020 Answered

  Why is the Cross Lock connection so much different from other connections? The Cross Lock allows for instant alignment, all torque is held in our patented coupling which ensures there is no hole deformation, this will save you time and money. You will not spend extra time, or need extra help threading a bolt […]

How to Properly Install a PierTech Helical Pile

The helical piles must be installed according to a preapproved plan of placement. 1. Installation begins by attaching the helical pile lead section to the torque motor (drive head) using a drive tool and drive pin. 2. Next, crowd must be applied to force the pilot point into the ground at the proper location, inclination […]

Can Helical Piles be Installed in the Winter?

For most people they are wrapping up jobs here before the winter hits. They have projects they have started to bid or spec that are not to begin until Spring 2021. However, with helical piles the bidding and projects do not need to stop because of the winter season. Homeowners can get their foundation repaired; […]

Why use Helicals instead of Concrete Footings?

When choosing the best foundation for an addition on your home, a deck, or a sunroom, there are a few options that reach building codes in every area. The most common way people typically go due to already needing foundations poured is to use concrete footings. However, as time has gone on Helicals have become […]

How to Protect Your Home from Flooding using Helical Piers

Many homes are built in areas where there is a flood zone. There is always a chance of a flood which would result in foundational shifting. Looking and understanding the home, what it is built upon potentially expanding and shrinking soil dependent on the time of year. With the home being built in an area […]

How To: Install the Patented PierTech Foundation Repair System

Many times people are trying to learn more about the helical system due to poor soil conditions, or an existing foundation that is failing. If you or someone you know has a sinking or settling foundation, cracked walls, uneven floors, or other visible foundation issues, you will need to learn more information on the potential […]

7 Reasons to Use Helical Piles for your Outdoor Living Space

Fast Installation: Helical piles can be built upon immediately after installation Can be installed in all weather conditions: It does not matter if it is wet, cold, snowy helical piles can be installed for deck construction year-round no matter what the weather condition is. When using concrete this is just not possible, which causes delay […]

Bridge Construction using Helical Piers

When designing a project, it is often wondered if helical piles are the best application for the foundation of the project. When reviewing a bridge project and looking at the foundation of the bridge you will find that they are a perfect application for helical piers. Many conditions around the location where the bridge is to […]