PierTech Systems Enjoys Successful Exhibit

With almost 90,000 attendees, the 2008 World of Concrete exposition was a blockbuster event, second only to 2007’s record breaking show for construction industry professionals. For St. Louis, Missouri headquartered firm PierTech Systems, the Las Vegas trade show was the highlight of an already action packed year.

The helical pier specialist exhibited at the event for the eighth consecutive year and as usual, enjoyed an immensely popular booth. Staffed by experienced representatives from PierTech’s manufacturing facility and customer service personnel, the PierTech Systems booth was one of the shows most popular exhibits with dozens of products on display.

tradeshow-2For the duration of the four day expo, PierTech had taken an enormous variety of products to showcase including helical anchors, screw piles, helix piers and its patented insta-brace anchor system for tilt-up construction.

Including a display of products and question and answer sessions with experienced PierTech designers and manufacturers, the interactive booth featured video demonstrations, shot around the US showing the helical piering systems being used in a variety of residential and commercial applications.

Kevin Kaufman, CEO of PierTech Systems said: “We came away from the World of Concrete Show with orders for a number of products. It is always great to meet and speak with the engineers and construction companies who use PierTech for their foundation repair needs throughout the year. We are already looking forward to next year’s show which promises to be even bigger and better.”

PierTech Systems is dedicated to providing the construction industry with the highest quality, most versatile and most economical foundation and soil stabilization products. Whether it is stabilizing a multi-storey building or supporting a high-rise tilt-up, repairing a bridge abutment or installing a tower, PierTech has the materials and the expertise to complete your project.